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135 South Broadway Coal City, IL 60416

Just like your pets are part of your family, so are ours.  Here are our pet members.

Pita is one of our clinic cats.  Her attitude consists of "I'll let you pet me when I am ready, if not...leave me alone!"

L.B. started out as our other clinic cat. He is now living at The Shirkey's house.  He is very social and loves to head-butt anyone that he wants to pet him.

Here are Moose (left) and Decker (right) on the day we brought them home.  How fast they will grow!

Decker and Moose (brothers, 16 weeks old) owned by Dr. Shirkey and Heather Shirkey.  They are our pups and started out coming to the clinic with us during the day.  However, they outgrew Heather's office.

Moose and Decker at 8 months having some play time during lunch.

Moose post ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) surgery.  Poor baby had to take it easy for about 6 weeks.

He has recovered nicely!  He is back playing with his brother Decker.  He does not play as hard anymore but is still a very active dog.

Moose and Decker enjoying the day on their new beds.  They love them and they haven't even tried to eat them.  They are both "extreme" chewers so we were leary about how long the beds would last.  Oh the life of a dog!

This is Gopher our new puppy.  He got that name because he was brought in on Groundhog's day with a broken leg.  We adopted him and he had to have surgery to place a pin to fix his broken leg.

Gopher after 6 weeks of restricted play FINALLY gets to go home to meet his new "brothers"

This is J.J. (cat 3 in the Shirkey house).  As you can see he has taken over the doll bed and become a "pampered kitty"

This is Moose before and after his 2nd ACL repair.

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